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What Are the T Mobile MMS Settings?

If you’ve been searching the internet up and down on how to enable T Mobile MMS Settings on an iPhone, you’ve found the right article for your answers. It can be stressful to not be able to connect to T Mobile’s MMS on your iPhone. One of the greatest things about today’s cellphone technology is the ability to send and receive picture messages.

When you purchase a brand-new iPhone from your T Mobile provider, chances are, MMS is already connected and you won’t have to worry about it. However, if you have an unlocked phone and you’re connecting to T Mobile, see below for the T Mobile picture and internet (MMS) settings for your Apple iPhone.

iOS on t mobileMMS Settings For iOS 6

  1. Under Settings, click General then Cellular
  2. Be sure the settings are as follows
    – Data Roaming: On
    – Wi-Fi: Off
    -3G Enable: On
  3. Next, click on Cellular Data Network.
    – This is where the following settings appear
    – If they do NOT appear, then your phone is not unlocked and needs to be for this
  4. The following settings should read as below
    – APN:
    – Username: Not set
    – Password: Not set
  5. Next, under the MMS selection, be sure the following information is entered
    – APN:
    – Username: Not set
    – Password: Not set
    – MMSC:
    – MMS Proxy: Not set
    – MMS Max Message Size: 1048576
    – MMS UA Prof URL:
  6. Under the Newt Work Tethering section, add the below information
    – APN:
    – Username: Not set
    – Password: Not set
  7. Be sure to click the Save button on the Home Tab. Turn your device Off and On again to ensure the connection works properly.

MMS Information For iOS 7/8

The majority of these setting are nearly exactly the same, the only differences are listed below. If there are missing tabs not listed below, they are likely listed above in the information titled iOS6.

  1. Under MMS Section the information should be
    – APN: (for iOS7) or tmus (for iOS8)
  2. Under the Personal Hotspot section be sure to list the following
    – APN:
    – Username: Not set
    – Password: Not set
  3. Be sure to select the Save button in the Home section. Turn your phone Off and On again to ensure the information connects properly.

MMS Data Settings for iOS 9 (or higher)

These T Mobile MMS APN Setting should be updated automatically. Whether you’ve purchased your phone from another provider and your phone is unlocked, you do not need to ensure the T Mobile APN settings say anything specific as the settings will be automatically updated once the SIM card is inserted. It may be wise to update your iPhone to ensure the settings connect right away. If you still have trouble connecting, be sure to reset your network settings and double check the values as listed above as well.

Once you’ve connected, you will start to receive all picture messages and text messages properly. Contact T Mobile if you do have any other issues.

Is T-Mobile GSM

The United States is one of the only countries that limit the wireless technologies in use. America only uses GSM or CMDA, and when a person wants to switch from one technology to another, the shift isn’t necessarily an easy one. Carriers that run-on GSM networks, identify their users by requiring the use of a removable SIM card. The SIM card allows the network to track the number of users it has, and it also allows users to switch phones easily within the network.

Carriers that run-on CDMA networks track their users by embedding custom serial numbers in each of their phones. This version makes it much harder to switch devices and networks, and requires a specialist to reprogram devices for the change. Nonetheless, when the networks launched LTE, this forced all devices to use the GSM technology and required all devices to use a SIM.

Is T Mobile GSM or CMDA?

If you’re wondering what the T Mobile Network type is, you won’t be shocked to find that T Mobile is a GSM carrier. If you’re looking to switch from a CDMA carrier to a GSM carrier, you may still be able to do this with little trouble, so long as the device is LTE capable (or even a later model of iPhone). If you’re looking to switch, you will likely need to get your CDMA phone unlocked by your carrier so that it can be used with T Mobile’s GSM carrier.

T Mobile Bands

T Mobile works with technologies such as 4G LTE, 4G, 3G, and 2G. In order to have the highest network frequency for use, be sure to upgrade your device to a newer version to take advantage of the 4G LTE. The network technology that uses 4G LTE uses a frequency of Band 2 (1900 MHz), Band 4 (1700/2100 MHz). Band 12 (700 MHz), Band 66 (Which is just an extension of Band 4 at 1700/2100 MHz), and Band 71 (600 MHz).

So, what does all this mean? It means this T Mobile network type allows its users nearly 50% faster downloading speeds in comparison to 3G and allows data and voice services to work simultaneously (so long as VoLTE is turned ON, on the device). This 4G LTE also allows its users to keep a call running when switching from data to Wi-Fi calling, improved voice calling in general, quicker MMS message sending, places calls 2x as fast as 3G, and much more.

With AT&T 4G LTE bands, users are built on GSM carriers as well as T Mobile. If you’re AT&T & T Mobile phone is unlocked, you should have no trouble switching to another carrier. Verizon’s newest LTE devices can now be purchased automatically unlocked, so switching to either of the above GSM carriers shouldn’t be an issue. If you are having trouble with your T Mobile device, be sure to call T Mobile’s customer service with any questions or concerns you may have. T Mobile has made it easy to choose their networks because of their quality and #1 customer service in the nation.