Comcast Email Settings

When you are using Xfinity email services, you might be wondering how to program the comcast email settings according to your needs. Luckily, here is a complete guide as to how you can go about understanding the settings of a comcast account, and how to change them. This will give you a step by step method as to what the comcasts email settings for various processes are, and how you can modify them. There are three types of protocols used, and you can modify them depending on your needs.

  1. Comcast SMTP Settings:

The first major protocol used is comcast SMTP settings. If you plan to create and organize an email account server like comcast email services, you ought to know what they can be used for and their capabilities. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This is used in comcast emails to deliver emails from email clients to another server. For instance, if you need to send an email from your comcast account to another email ID.

  • The server’s name of the Comcast SMTP:
  • The user name of the Comcast SMTP: your Comcast email address
  • The password which you use Comcast SMTP: your Comcast password
  • Ports which are used for Comcast SMTP: 25 or 465


Altering the SMTP Settings:

If you do want to change these settings, you have to go to the server’s configuration fields and fill in the needed values. Here are the basic steps to follow:

  • Go to comcast account settings, when you are inside your email service.
  • Select the Outgoing Servers, or SMTP settings option.
  • To set up a new SMPT, you need to press the “add new” option, after which a pop up will appear with blank boxes for you to fill the values needed.
  • First fill the descriptions, which is a way for the identification of the service by you. Generally, you can just call it Xfinity to make things simpler.
  • The servers name are the actual specifications which are used in your email client for specifying the server. For comcast, it is Enter this value.
  • For the port to be used, for a comcast xfinity email account, 25 or 465 are the ones usually used. Enter these values and select ok.
  • Security of the connections: Since SMPT does not offer you encryption options anyway, you will have to use an additional extension for this so as to make your connection more secure. These use another port, depending on the kind you use- SSL, TLS, or something else.
  • Authenticating the account- comcast xfinity uses a password for confirming if it is the user. It is the same as your comcast account password, and you can set it up here.
  • Finally, you can specify your user name as your email address to save you trouble.


Sending Group Emails In Bulk With Your Comcast Email Account:

Another thing you can do with a Comcast account is to activate GroupMail for mass emailing purposes, for any bulk emails you might want to send. This is done through the SMTP comcast email server. Here are the settings you will have to modify:

  • Enter your user’s information, as well as your comcast email address.
  • Enter the email IDs of the people you want the email to go to. If you want, you can also add their names or where they work.
  • Fill in the SMPT email server address. For comcast, it is
  • Select the check box for “Required Authentication” of your account, and click the set up option.
  • Choose ‘use SMTP authentication’ (out bound) and let the setting remain AUTH Login (the standard option.)
  • For the username and password, just use the one you use for your comcast account.
  • In the Delivery Options menu, you can change other needed settings.
  • For group mails, the SMTP port used should be altered from 25 to 587 in the advanced options menu.
  • If you want a customized domain to be added, fill in as your domain, and then select Okay.

This is how you alter the settings for SMTP in comcast email accounts.

  1. Comcast POP3 Settings:

Another email protocol you can use with great efficiency is POP3. It is a contraction of Post Office Protocol. POP3 allows one of your email clients to be capable of downloading an email from another email server which is hosted elsewhere. Without using this, the emails which are being sent cannot be decoded by the person to whom they are sent. The comcast POP3 settings are also highly customizable. Here is how you go about it:

  • Go to comcast account settings, when you are inside your email service.
  • Go to incoming mail servers, and select the POP3 menu.
  • Fill in the value for the incoming email server’s name as
  • For the incoming email’s server port number, you can use either 995 or 110.
  • 995 is used in the case of additional encryption protocols like SSL, and 110 is used when there is no encryption used.
  1. IMAP Comcast Settings:

Comcast IMAP settings are also needed while being able to use your account to send communications. It serves a similar purpose as that of POP3. IMAP is a contraction for Internet Message Access Protocol. IMAP protocol is primarily different from POP3, as it allows all its users to store emails on the servers, instead of copying them and deleting them. You will first have to request comcast to let you move your account from POP3 to IMAP, and once this has been confirmed, you can go to the settings.

  • Go to comcast account settings, when you are inside your email service.
  • Go to incoming mail servers
  • Ensure that SSL is set up for both mails that are incoming as well as those being sent.
  • Set the port for mails that are outgoing as 465.
  • Set the port for mails which are incoming as 993.
  • Alter the server name in the incoming email sub menu to


Thus we have seen what the various set up options available with comcast are, and how you can modify them according to your needs. Be it SMTP, POP3, or IMAP, you can set them all up to correspond to your comcast account and get the best services from your Xfinity email account.