Cricket Unlimited Wireless Internet

Why You Should Switch to Cricket’s Unlimited Wireless Internet Plan

Cricket has a range of plans that you can purchase. Each has their benefits, but the Cricket Unlimited Wireless Internet plan is by far the best plan they have out of their packages and competitor’s packages. Their plan offers low prices, solid network, reasonable speeds (8 Mbps), and great coverage. A bonus is that the plan now offers 8GB of hotspot data.

Why It’s Much Better Than Other Unlimited Plans

Cricket, unlike many other service providers, has so many good features for such a good price. Cricket Wireless’s parent company is AT&T, so they use the same towers. This means you get the same coverage you do with AT&T.

Cricket’s parent company charges you more but doesn’t offer you more. Besides the great price point, the plan has features such as mobile hotspot data with high speeds, excellent coverage, and HD video streaming. Cricket gives you complete transparency by using all-in pricing with fees, taxes, and surcharges, so you don’t get charged extra for going over on data and such.

About the Unlimited Plan

Cricket Wireless says that they keep their network big and their prices small.  Cricket unlimited plans offer unlimited data, text, and talk between Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Mobile Hotspots

Cricket’s Mobile Hotspots are a feature on Cricket’s $60 a month Unlimited Plan, but it only allows for just 8 GB per month. After that GB-usage, the Cricket Wireless Hotspot data doesn’t stop, but it does slow down to 128 Kbps at its maximum for the rest of the billing cycle. Another benefit of the Cricket Hotspot plans is that you’ll see your Mobile Hotspot tethering data usage separately from your actual phone’s usage. If you do not want to use WiFi or mobile hotspots simply program the Cricket APN Settings. Without these Cricket Wireless is not receiving MMS.

Does Cricket Have Unlimited Data?  

A big question that people have is, “Does cricket have unlimited data?” When you choose the Unlimited Plan, you get the best mobile experience from the start no matter how much data you use. Speeds for downloads are up to 8Mbps maximum for devices that are 4G LTE compatible. Speeds could vary based on the device and location.

If you have Cricket’s Unlimited Plan and you use more than 22GB of your data during your monthly cycle, then the speed of your data will be slowed until the next billing cycle. A big plus that Cricket has is their Stream More feature, which allows you to save data by streaming high definition videos at standard definition. This it isn’t a feature that you have to manually activate. Cricket does it for you but, once it’s activated, you have the power to switch it on and off. Employees of Cricket Stores can help you with getting the perfect plan. Click here to find a cricket store near you.

Is the Auto Pay Credit Available with the Cricket Unlimited Plans?

You can use their Auto Pay feature for your Unlimited Plan. In fact, you’ll be given a $5 bill credit applied to your account just a few days before your bill is due.  If you already have an account or signed up for Auto Pay at checkout, you’ll see Auto Pay credit within the first week before your due date. The only type of plan you can’t use Auto Pay is with Group Save.

Is Group Save Available with This Plan?

You can have an Unlimited Plan on Group Save. Group Save allows you to save $70 every month if you have five eligible lines linked to your account.

How Do I Change My Plan Today?

To change your plan to an Unlimited Plan with Cricket unlimited wireless, Cricket unlimited data cap, and Cricket hotspot unlimited, all you have to do is log in to your account and change your plan. If you don’t have an account, just register to make an account, and you’re set to experience all the benefits that come with using Cricket Wireless.