How to Connect Your Smartphone to a Cricket Wireless Mobile Hotspot

When you want more choices for data, there is only so much that you can do. But when you have a Mobile Hotspot, Cricket Wireless’s network is with you no matter where you go.

You can use a Mobile Hotspot to get your tablet and laptop connected to the internet when you’re on-the-go and traveling. You can also get an internet connection from your house when Wi-Fi isn’t available. You can share the hotspot you created with friends and family by tethering with many devices at once by using a USB cord or Wi-Fi. To find out whether Cricket Wireless mobile hotspot is right for you, read cricket mobile hotspot reviews. To set up a hotspot, read the instructions located below.


Cricket Tethering

What is Tethering? To put it simply, you connect your devices to your phone so that you’re able to share your internet access. With Cricket Wireless Mobile Hotspot, you can utilize tethering for many devices at once. Make sure you have the correct Cricket APN Settings installed.

How Does Cricket Hotspot Work?

When you create a hotspot, devices that are near you can log in to the World Wide Web through your hotspot.  Your own device should be connect to either the Cricket Towers or its Mobile Data Network using the Cricket Wireless Bands. For those who have the question “how does cricket hotspot work?” It depends on the device — the model, the make, and the operating system. There are a few devices that don’t allow for hotspot functionality and others might require a fee to make the feature available. You can check out Cricket Wireless to see their Cricket mobile hotspot plans.

Create Hotspot for Android

To set up local Cricket Wireless internet for an Android, you start by going to the “Settings” button located in your “Apps” section or on your homepage. Then go to “Wireless & networks” where you’ll want to tap on “Tethering & portable hotspot.” There will be a checkbox for “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot” that you’ll want to tap to select hotspot functionality.  If you want to add more security to your hotspot, then create a password by going to the “Security” icon. From there, select “WPA2 PSK2” which will allow you to enter the password you want. Only those people who have your password can use your hotspot. We’ve published a guide for the Cricket APN settings for the Galaxy S6.

Create Hotspot For iPhone

To create a cricket wireless Wi-Fi hotspot on your iPhone, you start off the process pretty similar to the Android setup. Tap the “Settings” option that’s located on the homepage.  You’ll then go to “General” and from there go to “Cellular.” You’ll then be directed to call Cricket, so that they can enable a personal Cricket mobile hotspot on your device. If you already have a hotspot enabled, then just press the “Home” icon before pressing “Settings” again. Press “Personal Hotspot” this time and then the “Wi-Fi password” so that you can create a password for the hotspot you created. We’ve published a guide about the cricket apn settings iphone. It helps you connecting to the correct data network.

Create Hotspot for Windows Phone 

If you want to activate a Cricket Wireless hotspot for a Windows Phone, you’ll want to go to the Apps list. Find “Settings” and then go to “Internet Sharing.” From there, you just change the sharing feature to “On.” Then go to “Setup” to create a name and then tap the “Password” option to create a password. You’ll finish the process by just pressing done and you’re all set.

How Tethering Will Affect Your High-Speed Data

If you have devices tethered to your smartphone’s Wi-Fi network, you use your high-speed data. When you connect more phones, tablets, and laptops to your phone, the more high-speed data you’ll use. Cricket Wireless Hotspots use the data cap you have for the plan you’re on, meaning that if you have an Unlimited Plan then you have 8GB of high-speed data. Cricket Wireless data plans have different allotments of data, so be aware of how much you have on your plan.  Once you’ve used that data, then your speeds will be reduced to 128 Kbps for the rest of your bill cycle. Tethering could expend all your high-speed data.

Cricket Tethering Price 

The Cricket hotspot price is available for a very affordable $10 / month. Use our Cricket Store Locator to get custom support.