The ATT WAP Settings

General Package Radio Station (GPRS) is responsible for allowing a network to send certain IP packages out to external networks. It’s an addition to the Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication that adds more features and increases the quality of your network. It’s the most used technology around the world and is the standard for communication via mobile.

WAP is an acronym for Wireless Application Protocol, the name for the process and rules getting information from a wireless network on your phone. It’s the system that allows access to information on a WAP browser with your mobile phone. It lets us check emails, social media, and web pages on our mobile devices.

Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox are all types of traditional browsers that provide you with information but have an abundance of text, images with high resolution, and web pages that hold a lot of data. WAP pages are mainly based around text with fewer images and graphics, which is easier to process for your phone.



How to Configure The ATT GPRS Settings

Both WAP and GPRS are provided to you through AT&T.  Their smart GPRS settings make getting onto the internet quick and easy even for their GPRS AT&T Go phone. Before you experience the benefits of having them both, you have to know how to configure GPRS setting for android phones. Here’s how to do it:

  1. You want to go to the “menu” icon on your phone before selecting the “settings” button.
  2. From there, find and select the option that says “connection”. After that, select “advanced” and then “select network.”  Click on “Select Network”. Choose “my ISP” before pressing “edit.”  Check to make sure that the names in the MediaNet field are filed. You’ll notice your phone says either “AT&T GRPS” or “Cingular GPRS” before you press “next.” If Cingular GRPS then enter “wap.cingular” in the name slot for your service provider. If AT&T GPRS then put in “isp.cingular.”
  3. Go to the next step and put “CINGULAR1” into your password field. If you had AT&T GPRS then don’t worry about the password field.
  4. Do not put any information into the Domain field. Just press the “Proxy Settings” option and place a check on two boxes: “This network uses a proxy server” and “This network connects to the internet.” Then go to “Advanced” and go in the “HTTP” option.
  5. Choose “Port:80” and then proceed to click “OK.” Select “Socks.” From there, you can access the “Server” option and select “Local Host,” entering “1080” as the port.
  6. When complete, click “OK” and “Finish”, which will complete the configuration of your GPRS and WAP AT&T service needs. Test the internet and texting to make sure it works correctly. For more information on the topic, visit wap If you need any help, contact AT&T.

The configuration for iPhone GPRS setting is similar but you go to Settings, and then select Mobile Data, then Mobile Data Options, and finally Mobile Data Network. Probably you also need to take a look at the ATT APN configurations. Once you’ve fully updated all settings make sure to do an att carrier update if you have an iPhone. If you want to be sure you’ve got the correct iPhone at&t apn settings we’ve got you covered as well.

Why Wireless Needs WAP

Here are three reasons why your phone’s wireless internet should have WAP: navigation, readability size, and transfer speed. When you compare your phone’s data transfer rate to a cable modem, a DSL connection, or a standard 56 Kbps modem, your data transfer is slow. When your mobile webpage has less and smaller graphics, it can speed up these transfer rates.

The main difference between GPRS and WAP is that the former is how you connect your mobile phone to the internet; it’s the connection. WAP is how you view that connection. It’s essentially a web browser that you use like traditional web browsers.

There are quite a few other programs that utilize GPRS to help transfer data quickly. For example, SMS service can use GPRS settings to send a great deal of texts in a short amount of time, and you’ll know that they got the message. While ATT GPRS settings can be used with different applications, it’s best used with ATT WAP settings.