AT&T APN Settings Note 3

Are you having issues with sending or receiving MMS messages on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Or maybe the Mobile data on your Note 3 is not working? It might be the case that your Note 3 is not unlocked yet and therefore not compatible with other carriers like AT&T. Most mobile network providers programme (lock) their devices to make sure that they operate with their mobile network only. If this is the case for your Galaxy Note 3, make sure to unlock your device first.

With an unlocked device, you can set the Access Point Name (APN) settings. Specifically, the Samsung galaxy note 3 APN settings need to be compatibe with the ATT mobile network. This combination of values ensure that your phone or tablet can connect to the Mobile Internet servers of your network provider. Mobile data (3G, 4G or Wireless) will be enabled after you’ve saved the new att apn settings and restarted your Note 3.

What is the APN for AT&T when you’re using an unlocked Galaxy Note 3?

Learn how to programme the mobile data configurations on your Note 3, by following our step by step guide.

  1. Select “Settings” on your main
  2. Click on “Wireless Connections”
  3. Go to the button “More”
  4. Select the option “Mobile Networks”
  5. Go to Access Point Names
  6. Select New APN
  7. Enter all the APN values listed below for your ATT APN setting for android and Note 3:
  8. Name: ATT Phone
  9. APN: phone
  10. Proxy: Leave in blank
  11. Port: Leave in blank
  12. Username: Leave in blank
  13. Password: Leave in blank
  14. Server: Leave in blank
  15. MMSC:
  16. MMS Proxy:
  17. MMS port: 80
  18. MCC: 310
  19. MNC: 410
  20. Authentication type: None
  21. APN type: default,mms,supl
  22. APN protocol: IPv4
  23. APN roaming protocol: IPv4
  24. Bearer: Unspecified
  25. Mobile Virtual network operator: Leave in blank
  1. Click the option button and tap “SAVE”

With these Note 3 internet settings you should be able to connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to the ATT Internet now!

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