Cricket LTE Bands

We live in a world where everyone is connected via their wireless devices. If you and your devices are not connected to the best possible network, you are disconnected from the world. Cricket LTE bands are a great, cost efficient way to stay connected.

An LTE band is a radio frequency band that allows for widespread cellular connection. However, some people do not use their phone plans to the height of their potential. By understanding the ins and outs of how the Cricket LTE bands work, you can maximize your efficiency and connection to the rest of the world. Cricket keeps you connected!

The Cricket Wireless LTE Frequency Bands


Name Interface
850 GSM
1900 (PCS) GSM

Supported GSM Protocols

Name Generation


Name Interface
B2 (1900 PCS) UMTS
B5 (850) UMTS

Supported UMTS Protocols

Name Generation
HSPA+ 3.5G (4G speed)


Name Interface
B2 (1900 PCS) LTE
B4 (1700/2100 AWS 1) LTE
B17 (700 bc) LTE
B30 (2300 WCS) LTE

Supported LTE Protocols

Name Generation

Which Network Does Cricket Use?

Cricket Wireless is able to offer you excellent phone connection because it has spent years refining and growing alongside the world’s advancing technology. The optimal connectivity that Cricket now boasts is in large part due to the type of network they use.

Is Cricket Wireless GSM or CDMA network? Cricket Wireless originally used the CDMA network. However, it was taken over by AT&T, in the process of which Cricket Wireless converted to the GSM network. This connection with AT&T has allowed them access to optimal speed and connection and improved flexibility for users to switch between phones.

A Widespread Network

Cricket LTE is a wireless frequency that covers about 99% of America. This means that 99% of the places you travel in the country, Cricket frequency bands keep you connected. The wireless coverage of Cricket wireless covers a wider area than both T-Mobile and Sprint.

Cricket Wireless does not just keep you connected, it keeps you connected with efficient speed across the nation. Cricket LTE speed is throttled to 8Mbps. This allows it to be capable of making a connection across the nation with an effective speed.

Because the wide area of connection that Cricket provides is greater than many other networks, the connection can sometimes be slower than other networks. However, the widespread connection at reasonable speeds still ensures that Cricket continues to be a wireless network that many users are happy with!

Various Services 

Cricket Wireless bands offer a variety of valuable services. The network offers an unlimited data plan. Because Cricket Wireless bands are prepaid, you will not be charged for the use of your data.

The unlimited data plan not only includes text messages and phone calls, but also includes picture messages and video messages. Furthermore, the data extends beyond the United States to Mexico and Canada. This way, even if you leave the country but stay on the continent, you can stay connected! You can send MMS messages with ease.

You can get unlimited texting and calling with Cricket Wireless LTE for only $25 per month. While this offer only works in the United States, this $25-dollar service comes with call waiting, call forwarding, and three way calling.

While phone plans can often be very expensive, group plans through Cricket Wireless are incredibly cost efficient. Family plans can be offered at a value of $70 for five different lines.

A Variety of Phones

The Cricket plan and 4G LTE APN settings for Cricket can be used on a wide variety of different phones. This variety spans from Apple phones to Samsung to LG. With this wide selection, you can have any phone that you want to have while still being able to use the Cricket network.

Switch to Cricket!  

By making Cricket Wireless your cellular network today you will save money and amplify your connection to the rest of the world.