Homemade cell phone signal booster

If you are just a little bit handy or mechanically inclined, you can actually create a homemade cell phone signal booster.  A DIY cell phone signal booster can be made of easily obtained  component parts, from items purchased at the hardware store, or from household items. People who live in rural areas may not want to travel for hours to the nearest electronics store to pick up a cell phone signal booster that might not work. Or perhaps you are just a handy kind of person who is perfectly capable of following a few simple instructions and you’d rather make your own DIY 4G cell phone signal booster. Whatever your inspiration, you don’t have to be a MacGyver to put together a homemade cellphone signal booster.

People who live in rural areas with spotty cell phone services, or anyone who  has intermittent t cell service can boost their signals enough to consistently   get four bars, have  fewer dropped calls, and receive better internet  signal s overall. Depending on your proficiency t with tools and ability to follow instructions, you can make your own homemade cell phone booster and save a ton of money. With systems generally starting at $300 (for consistent 4G service) a little tinkering  and  the ability to follow a diagram may well be worth the effort. An easy solution is buying a cell phone signal booster for rural areas. I’ve reviewed a lot of items.

One DYI website takes you through the steps to build a Coffee Can booster, a Paper-Clip Bbooster and a DIY booster that is made with Magnet Wire. Each of the three homemade cell phone signal booster projects  comes with easy to follow instructions and  one even has a instructional  video (for the coffee can signal booster).  As with commercial cell phone signal boosters, you will need to know the frequency your phone uses, which you can obtain from your cell phone company.

The Family Handyman website offers another DIY cell phone booster project that probably requires less mechanical skills, but is also more costly. The site gives instructions about the equipment to purchase and how to put your DIY cell phone booster together. This article is short and sweet, with a diagram and instructions that assume that you have a least a little understanding about how cell phone signal boosters work. This DIY prototype relies on readily available component parts, is less science fiction-ish, and will probably give more satisfactory results.

Warning, warning, warning: If you mess about with your cell phone, you will probably void your warranty. And you will certainly void your warranty if you shove things (like wires and paperclips) into your device.

None of these DIY cell phone signal boosters will work if you not have an outside signal. It does not have to be strong, but it has to be out there somewhere.  But if you have any mechanical skills at all, and you want to try a DIY project that can change your cell phone signal from no G’s to 4G, then go ahead. Give it a try.  The results could be fantastic.


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