How To Unlock A Cricket iPhone

While the phones that you buy with Cricket Wireless work best on the Cricket network, they do have services to unlock your phone. However, you do have to meet certain requirements.

Some of these requirements include the device you want to unlock being active for a minimum of six months of service, or you could have an unlimited sponsorship. You’ll also want to ensure that the device you intend to unlock can be used and is currently locked on their network. Of course, your phone has to be yours; it can’t be reported stolen or lost. On that note, the device can’t be associated with a fraudulent account either.

If you feel like you meet all of these requirements, then give Cricket Support a call or chat with someone at your local Cricket store.

Extra Information on Unlocking Your Phone

For those who are in the military currently serving, you do not need to meet the 6-month active service requirement, but you do need to meet the other requirements. You’ll also need to give Cricket Wireless documents that prove your deployment status.

For more information, you can contact Cricket by shooting a fax to 770-360-4979 or shoot an email their way to the address [email protected].  You’ll be prompted to give them your date of birth, name, the documentation of your deployment status, your phone number, and an email that you want the directions to unlock sent to. After that, you’ll get your Cricket unlock codes.

Why You Might Need to Unlock Your iPhone

One reason you might want to unlock Cricket wireless devices is that you want to use it on a different network. You could also want to unlock your smartphone for travel. You could also want to unlock your phone to access features you couldn’t before. If you have an iPhone from another carrier you should update the Cricket Wireless APN Settings. If you do not program these correct, Cricket Wireless wont send MMS messages.

How to Unlock a Cricket iPhone for Free

Most phones that are purchased from any carrier is typically SIM Locked to that specific carrier. That means that the iPhone or other smartphones can’t be used on any other network from a different carrier.

If you purchased a phone at full price and the phone is not a carrier’s brand, you don’t have to worry about it. Any iPhone from 5 through 7 will have a SIM card. The only model that doesn’t is the iPhone 4. Any iPhone that is offered through Cricket will need to be SIM unlocked. The process is the same no matter which type of iPhone you have in your possession, whether it be an iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 or iPhone 7. If you meet the requirements, you can get Cricket Wireless unlock codes for free.

Many smartphones now are CDMA, meaning that they don’t have a removable SIM card to unlock. To unlock CDMA phones, you’ll need to know how to flash a phone to Cricket. The requirements to reprogram are the same—it’s just a different process and you have to reprogram it to a carrier that has CDMA. If you need any assistance in unlocking your phone after you receive all your codes, you’ll need to contact Cricket Wireless customer service for assistance. If Cricket Wireless is GSM or CDMA is covered in another blog. If you need support you can also look for a Cricket Wireless Near me.

Other third parties will offer to unlock the phone for you or offer to show you how to flash a phone to Cricket for free, but it’s not advised to go to a third party. Cricket Wireless offers everything a third party does. Many third parties also have hidden fees whereas Cricket will give a Cricket network unlock code for free upon request.