The Best 4g LTE Signal Booster

The Best 4G LTE Signal Booster 4G Amplifiers to Buy in 2018

4G is the successor of 3G and is much more developed as a network. There are two types of 4G networks: Long Term Evolution (LTE) and High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA). Nowadays, almost all new smartphones support LTE, so chances are that it may be the only network

Despite the fact that many cellular service providers claim that they have a wide 4G coverage, you may sometimes find that your 4G signal is low and that you are in need of a signal boost. When choosing a 4G signal booster that is right for you, there are some things that you need to consider. You have to know where you will be using the signal booster. A 4G signal booster that you use in your office will have a different design from one that you use in your car, for example.

The cause of the low signal and number of users in an area also determines the type of signal booster that you should buy. Today we will be taking an in-depth look at the best 4G signal amplifiers that you can buy in 2018.

Review of 4G Signal Boosters

WeBoost Connect 4G-X 471104 Review

The Three Best Sellers

weBoost Connect 4G 471104


WeBoost Connect 4G-X 471104 Review

Price : $899,99

This is BY FAR The Best Amplifier available

WilsonPro Pro 70


WilsonPro Pro 70 review

Price : $1034

Awesome booster for large buildings

SureCall Fusion5s 


Review Of the SureCall Fusion5s

Price : $850

Comes with both an antenna and cable

WeBoost Connect 4G-X 471104

This 4G signal booster is filled to the brim with value and exciting features, making the best booster on our list. To start off, this 4G signal booster is compatible with all carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Straight Talk. It can amplify a 4G signal to make it 32 times stronger, and then makes the amplified 4G signal available over a large indoor area of 7,500 square feet. 

Since this amplified signal can be accessed wirelessly by any device with any carrier, it means that all the occupants of a building can benefit from the boosted signal. Another awesome feature of this 4G signal booster is its patented automatic gain settings. This means that the exterior antenna picks up signal lowering conditions in the vicinity. It then makes changes to its gain to pick up the best signal possible.

Because this signal booster covers such a large indoor area, it is ideal for office buildings. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t use it in your home. This booster has an extended battery life that gives you 2 hours of additional talk time in low-signal zones.

Quick Summary

  • Enhances 4G LTE and 3G signals
  • Works With All Cellular Devices
  • For Even The Largests Of Homes
our top pick the WeBoost Connect 4G-X 471104


  • High-quality signal booster that eliminates dropped calls
  • Clear instructions for easy and quick installations
  • 4G signal amplification for large indoor areas
  • check-square-o
    Faster connectivity for streaming, uploads, and downloads
  • check-square-o
    Works with all mobile devices and national carriers


  • Has some minor compatibility issues with iPhone

WeBoost Connect 4G 470103

Another top of the line 4G LTE cell phone signal booster for your home or office. Just like our top pick, this cell phone booster also amplifies a poor 4G signal by up to 32 times. The Connect 4G 470103’s boosted signal coverage area is 5,000 feet which is less than the top pick’s coverage area, but still large enough for an entire household or medium-sized office.

This particular 4G signal booster will work with most mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and data cards. It is also compatible with all carriers in the United States and Canada. This means that everybody inside the booster’s range will be able to receive the amplified signal, regardless of which service provider they use.

Setup and use are incredibly easy. With your booster, you’ll receive clear step-by-step instructions to ensure that installation is quick and effortless. Connecting a device is just as simple and be done within moments.

The signal’s amplification depends largely on the exterior signal that the antenna on the outside picks up. It is, therefore, important that this input signal is as strong as possible. Weboost has a patented automatic gain setting to optimize this signal, regardless of the signal-lowering conditions.

Quick Summary

  • Frustration Free Setup
  • Powers up your connect by 32x
  • Automatic Gain Settings
Weboost Connect 4G 470103


  • High-end 4G LTE signal booster for your home or office
  • Amplifies a poor signal by up to 32 times
  • Installation can be done in as quickly as 10 minutes
  • check-square-o
    Allows for clear calls and enhanced data connectivity


  • Requires a long distance between the interior and exterior antenna
  • Effectiveness may depend on your physical location

Weboost Drive 4G-X 470510

When it comes to connectivity accessories for your vehicle, nothing beats the Drive 4G-X 470510, also from weBoost. The design for this 4G signal booster is very similar to those of stationary 4G boosters, the difference being that the system components are simplified and geared towards giving you the best possible signal inside any vehicle, including sedans, RV’s and trucks.

This 4G signal booster can broadcast a wireless signal inside your car that is up to 32 times stronger than the exterior signal. This stronger signal can be picked up by the exterior antenna, amplified and by used by any mobile device and any carrier, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Straight Talk. This means that the amplified signal is available to all passengers that may want to make phone calls or use their mobile data optimally.

Setup and installation take almost no time. The antennas are fitted to the roof of your car with a magnet and the rest of the installing that includes the interior antenna and booster itself is quick and basically only consists of connecting the components to one another. Instructions that are simple and easy to follow are included.

This 4G LTE antenna booster is suitable for any vehicle and will eliminate dropped calls and enhance data connectivity, regardless of how low the overhead signal is.

Quick Summary

  • Enhanced Voice & Data while driving
  • Works for everyone in one car
  • All US Cellular networks
Weboost Drive 4G-X 470510


  • High-quality LTE signal booster
  • Suitable for all types of vehicles
  • Extended battery power provides 2 hours of additional talk time
  • check-square-o
    Broadcasts enhance signal wirelessly
  • check-square-o
    Amplified signal can be picked up by any device and on any carrier


  • The booster can get very hot inside enclosed space
  • Long vehicle installation can be challenging

SureCall Fusion5s

The Fusion 5s is a stationary cell phone booster for 4G LTE signals that can amplify weak signals in the area and broadcast them over a generous 6,000 square feet. This is 1,000 square feet more than the coverage of the Weboost Connect 4G 470103. The outside Yagi antenna picks up weak signals in the environment and sends it to the unit via an included coaxial cable that has a length of 75 feet.

The booster unit then amplifies this signal and sends it to the indoor panel antenna via the included indoor coaxial cable that has a length of 30 feet. The antenna then broadcasts the boosted signal to the area. Any mobile device within this 6,000 square feet range can pick up and use this stronger signal, regardless of the type of device and service provider or carrier.

Quick Summary

  • Independent frequency controller
  • Eliminates interference to cellular tower
  • Highest 4G data rate
Review Of the SureCall Fusion5s


  • Wireless signal broadcasting that is compatible with all carriers
  • Excellent for office and home use
  • Excellent for office and home use
  • check-square-o
    Easy and quick installation and setup


  • Has some flaws with Sprint

WilsonPro Pro 70

This 4G LTE signal booster from WilsonPro is specifically developed to provide indoor 4G signal amplification to large buildings. This signal booster broadcasts enhanced signals to a massive indoor area of 25,00 square feet. This signal can be picked up by any mobile device, including smartphones, tablets, data cards, and Notebooks.

It is a Verizon 4G LTE signal booster but is also compatible with other carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. This means that every single mobile user in this area can connect wirelessly to the booster and receive the amplified signal. This will eliminate dropped calls and boost data connectivity across this entire area and boost overall productivity.

A signal in the area can be weakened by environmental aspects such as a long distance from the nearest tower or large objects in the area like mountains or buildings. The outside antenna has an adjustable gain to ensure that it can pick up the best signal possible to work with, regardless of the environmental difficulties. This will ensure optimal signal strength in the building.

This booster is ideal for industrial or commercial applications but will also work perfectly in your home.

Quick Summary

  • Most Popular Commercial Amplifier
  • Better Text, Data and voice
  • Building up to 25,000 sq ft
WilsonPro Pro 70


  • The amplified signal is boosted over an area of 25,000 square feet
  • Cell phone amplifier that supports 4G LTE signals
  • Perfect for office or industrial use
  • check-square-o
    Can amplify a signal that is weakened by distance or large obstacles
  • check-square-o
    Excellent for commercial buildings


  • A bit expensive for private use

SureCall Flare Cell Phone Amplifier Booster Kit

High-quality 4G LTE antenna booster for those dead areas in your home. This cell phone signal booster amplifies weak environmental 4G signals and broadcasts them wirelessly over an indoor area of 2,500 square feet. The indoor panel antenna is integrated with the booster to form one attractive and stylish unit.

The boosted signal that is made available by the flare can be used by any mobile device and is compatible with all carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Straight Talk. The exterior omnidirectional antenna has an adjustable gain to pick up any signal, regardless of how weak the signal is. This unit has an astonishing amplification power, and you may find that one bar is easily boosted to 5 bars in your home. 

This booster is perfect for home or small office use. Installation is quick and effortless, and you will receive clear setup instructions that are easy to follow.

Quick Summary

  • Covers up to 2 rooms in a single house
  • Increases data speeds of 4g devices
  • Depends on outdoor signal strength
SureCall Flare


  • High-end quality and attractive design
  • Perfect for home or office use
  • Exterior antenna features adjustable gain
  • check-square-o
    High signal boosting power


  • Coverage area can be bigger
  • Devices may be prone to switch to lower signal
  • times-circle
    Indoor strength relies on outdoor signal strength 

SureCall Fusion4Home Omni/Panel

This 4G cell phone signal booster from SureCall is also designed to boost a 4G LTE signal in one or two rooms of your home or office. It can reach a broadcast area of up to 3,000 square feet, depending on how strong the outside signal is. The outside signal is picked up by an omnidirectional antenna with an adjustable gain. This means that you will be able to pick any weak signal regardless of whether the signal is weakened by distance or large objects.

The Fushion4Home provides the boosted signal via a panel antenna that any device can pick up wirelessly. This means that the boosted signal is available to multiple mobile device users in this area. It is also available to all carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Straight Talk. Ideal for eliminating dropped calls and enhancing data connectivity in your home.

It is a solid, high-quality unit that is backed by a 3-year warranty. If you need a regular 4G cell phone amplifier, the Fushion4Home will work perfectly.

Quick Summary

  • Covers up to 4 rooms in one building
  • Up to 3, 000 sq. Ft.
  • Extends battery life for all cellular devices
SureCall Fusion4Home Omni/Panel


  • High-quality and reliable cell phone booster
  • Consistent 4G signal amplification
  • Bi-directional connectivity with cell towers


  • Not suitable for large buildings
  • times-circle
    The unit is somewhat expensive

There are a lot of different 4G LTE cell phone signal boosters and repeaters available. If you don’t have an in-depth knowledge of different types of networks and how the boosters work to enhance their signals, you may find it difficult to know which one to buy.

There are some things that the layperson can do to ensure that they get their hands on the best product possible. The first thing is to read reviews and get an idea of how other users experience the different models. Secondly, make sure that a booster can cover your weak signal areas completely.

If you have three or more rooms that receive a weak signal, you will be better off getting something that covers 6,000 square feet or more. For home or small office use, we recommend the WeBoost Connect 4G-X 471104. If you need a 4G cell phone signal booster for your car, consider the Weboost Drive 4G-X 470510. Both of these units are reputable and are well-known for their quality and 4G signal boosting abilities.