zBoost vs weBoost Review

If you have reached the point of terminal frustration with your  cell-phone and internet, you are looking for better reception and you are finally considering a cell phone amplifier, then it’s time to look at zBoost vs we Boost cell phone boosters. While WilsonAmplifiers owns both lines of cell phone signal boosters, zBoost and weBoost offer different cell phone amplifier products. Whether you are looking better reception for your home, your SOHO (small office/home office) your vehicle, or you  just better cell phone reception in general, this review should help you find the best we Boost signal booster or the best zBoost cell phone booster. 

When you are exploring the zBoost vs wBoost products, you first need to identify your cell phone amplifier needs. Are you looking for better reception to your home or business, or are you trying to get better reception for your RV, boat or motorhome? 

Wilson Electronics is the parent company of WilsonAmplifiers, which handles the WilsonPro, we Boost and zBoost brands of cell phone amplifiers. The we Boost family of signal boosters includes the weBoost 4G signal booster (for coverage up to 1500 sq. ft.), the weBoost connect 4 G phone booster kit (up to 5000 sq. ft. coverage) and the Wilson weBoost Connect4-G X cell phone booster kit (up to 7500 sq. ft. coverage). All of the weBoost products work with all carriers in North America (USA and Canada). These cell phone amplifiers boost your 3G or 4G signal up to 32 times (so not more dropped calls, low bars or weak internet signal). You will get better reception as soon as you hook up your device. weBoost products  work on all cellular phones, tablets and electronic devices. All kits come with everything you need and installation is very easy.  Also, customer support for all Wilson products in US based – which really comes in handy when you need to know what you are supposed to attach the black wire with the fork kind of things on the end to. One major drawback with the weBoost products is that you must know your band frequency in order to properly install the device. weBoost products tend to be higher priced than many  other comparable products.

zBoost products are also made for homes and offices (SOHO) and vehicles. They work with most cellphones, tablets and electronic devices. zBoost has a product line for urban and suburban SOHO’s, cell phone REACH signal boosters for suburban and rural homes, and the zBoost Trio series which work best for larger homes. zBoost was the first company to offer a dual band product (meaning that you do not have to know which frequency your carrier uses to install your cell phone booster device). Most zBoost products are dual or tri-band, and, as they are part of the Wilson Electronics family of cell phone booster products, customer service and support are U.S. based. In addition, zBoost products are adaptable and can be configured to cover a small cabin of 500 sq. ft. all the way up to a multi-story, 10,000 sq. ft. building. While zBoost products and weBoost products are comparable, and both offer better reception for homes and SOHO’s, zBoost products are often more affordable.   

Review of we Boost 4G 47010

Comparison: zBoost YX560L and we Boost 4G 47010 

zBoost YX560L

The zBoost YX560L Cellular Signal Booster is ideal for rural homes and cabins, rural small offices, or home offices (SOHO’s). It can support multiple data and voice users at the same time, so you can be working in your home office while your kids are paying video games. It works with all mobile phones and most cell phone carriers. The average system gain is 68dB. The zBoost YX560L will extend the battery life in your cellular or electronic device because your cellular phone uses less power when a signal is stronger. The easy to install kit includes the zBoost base unit, a power supply, a base antenna, a signal antenna and 50 feet of coaxial cable. And, of course, the necessary hardware to install your new signal amplifying device. It will cover up to 5000 sq. ft. Customer support is U.S. based, and has a two year warranty.

Quick Summary

  • All Mobile Phones & Devices
  • Most Mobile Carriers in North America
  • Affordable booster

Review of zBoost YX560L


  • Dual Band
  • Can be used by multiple users simultaneously
  • U.S. Based Customer Service
  • check-square-oImproves Cellular Reception In Rural Homes & Offices
  • Covers 5000 sq. ft.


  • Does not work with all cell phone carriers
  • Can be difficult to align external antenna, impeding signal quality
  • Will not work without outside cell signal

weBoost 4G 47010 

The weBoost cell phone signal booster will amplify the 3G or 4G signal in your home or SOHO (small office or home office).  It has a range of 1500 sq. ft., and will only be useful for one or two rooms. The product comes with everything that is needed for installation (desktop antenna, panel antenna). Installation time is estimated to be 10 minutes. The signal can be boosted up to 32 times stronger, and the system works on all your electronic devices. And you can use all your devices at the same time and get the same improved performance.  This would be a good cell phone booster for a small office, or an apartment, but it will not help if you are looking for improved cell phone amplification. The system can give a 60 dB signal gain. 

Quick Summary

  • Easy Installation
  • All US carriers
  • Affordable option

Review of we Boost 4G 47010


  • Easy installation – can work right out of the box – no wires or outside antennas
  • Customer service and support is US based 
  • Cost effective 
  • check-square-oGreat for  small office or single room (dorm room or home office)


  • Small coverage – will only work in one or two rooms
  • Reviewers report limited coverage, generally  only around the area of a desk 

If you are looking for a cell phone amplifier, you will want to evaluate your needs. If you are in a rural area, or an underserved area, and you need better whole-house or SOHO service, then you should consider the zBoost YX560L (aka ZBYK560L). It will give you better reception, and will boost your 3G and 4G signal. If you only need to amplify the signal to a small area (your SOHO or your dorm room) then you should look into the WeBoost Home 4G470101. Both units cost about the same, so it is really down to your needs, and whether you want to install an outside antenna.