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If you have put your Cricket Wireless SIM card in an Iphone that is unlocked (or programmed to be compatible with the network of a different carrier), you can experience issues with MMS, Mobile data (3G, 4G or LTE) and Wireless Internet. Most of the times these issue are caused by wrong APN settings. The Access Point Name values on your Iphone need to be compatible with the Cricket Wireless mobile network to avoid connectivity problems. Normally the APN settings are pre-programmed on your phone. If you have an Iphone from a wholesaler, or if you changed carrier, these settings need to be configured for data and messaging to work on the Cricket network.

Step by step guide to program the Cricket Wireless APN settings on your Iphone

In the overview below we have an easy to follow guide on how to set the Cricket Wireless APN settings on your Iphone. These settings will work for most Iphone types (Iphone 5, Iphone 6, 6S, Iphone 7, 7s, and the Iphone 8).

Make sure to save the programmed values and restart your device afterwards.

1. Go to Settings2. Tap General3. Go to Network4. Select Cellular Data Network5. Add the following rules:

  • APN Name: Internet
  • APN: ndo
  • Proxy: Leave empty
  • Port: Leave empty
  • Username: Leave empty
  • Password: Leave empty
  • Server: Leave empty
  • MMSC: http://mmsc.Cricketwireless.net
  • MMS Proxy: proxy.aiowireless.net
  • MMS Port: Leave empty
  • MCC: 310
  • MNC: 150
  • Authentication Type: Leave empty
  • APN Type: default,supl,mms

6. You’re done

These iPhone APN Settings for Cricket Wireless, can be used for the 3G, 4G and LTE network.

What network does Cricket use?

After the merger between Leap Wireless International (Cricket’s parent company) and AT&T in 2014, Cricket Wireless has become a subsidiary of the latter. The CDMA network that was previously used by Cricket was replaced by AT&T’s HSPA+ and LTE mobile network. After Cricket Wireless was taken over, they released Iphones that were compatible with AT&T’s 3G, 4G and 4G LTE network. Moreover, if your using your Cricket GSM (Iphone or other device) in combination with the ‘Smart’ or ‘ Unlimited’ plans of the carrier, you can use your mobile data in Mexico and Canada at no extra charge. We’ve published an article about the Cricket LTE Bands.

If you would like to know more about the merger between AT&T and Cricket Wireless, you can visit Cnet.

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