Cricket Wireless Is Not Receiving MMS

Sending and Receiving MMS Messages with Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless SMS gateway allows not only text messages but emails to be converted to text message form and capability. All your necessary text can be sent all of the time!

Nowadays, however, people send far more than just words in their messages. MMS Messages are Multimedia messages. Whereas an SMS is a short, text only message, an MMS is the ability to send and receive videos, pictures, or other various forms of media over the phone. These messages take up more data than a regular SMS message, and they are more complicated for the phone to send. It may seem that certain phones can’t download MMS, and some Cricket users have found difficulties sending and receiving MMS. However, many times this may be an issue either with how you are sending the message or with how the MMS messaging is set up.

APN and MMS Settings Problems

Another potential problem may be found in the APN settings. If the APN settings are not correctly set up, you will not be able to send MMS messages. This is the least likely cause because your phone should have arrived with these settings in place. However, the way to find and correct this is relatively simple.

You will need to go to settings and select “APN Settings”. In APN settings you can fix the MMS Proxy by inserting a specific IP Address, which can be found online. If you fix this, you should be able to effectively send MMS messages, receive MMS messages, and join in with all the fun that MMS messages have to offer! You need to use the following configurations:

Cricket Wireless MMS Settings

APN Name Internet
APN ndo
MMS Proxy
MMS Port 80
MCC 310
MNC 150
Authentication Type PAP
APN Type default,mms,fota,hipri,supl
APN Protocol IPv4
APN Roaming Protocol
For a more detailed guide you can take a look at the cricket wireless apn settings page and verify those are updated.. If you can’t send pictures after changing these settings you can verify the below

How to Send an MMS Message

Cricket Wireless phones are readily equipped to send and receive MMS messages. To send a MMS message on an iPhone, simply hit the photo button or microphone button and select what you would like to send. With an Android phone, a similar process applies. Simply select the media you wish to send to the other person, put it into the message, and it will send off.


Problems with MMS Messages

Is your Cricket Wireless not receiving MMS? People very often complain of problems when it comes to MMS messages. Several complain that their phone won’t send picture messages or download MMS messages. We have all listened to an older relative complain about their new technological devices saying, “My Android phone won’t send picture messages!” or “My iPhone won’t send picture messages!” If your Cricket Wireless is not receiving MMS, there are a few different things that could be causing the given problem.

Data Plan Problems

Sometimes the culprit could be your data plan. If your Cricket data settings are not enabled to send or receive MMS messages, you can’t download MMS messages. If you really want to or need to be able to send MMS messages, the solution, if this is the case, would be to change the plan that you hold with Cricket Wireless.

Mobile Data Problems

Another potential obstacle preventing you from sending fun pictures or audio clips to your friends or family could be your mobile data. Many people, without realizing, have their mobile data turned off. If your mobile data is turned off, you will not be able to send MMS messages. If you check in settings and turn your mobile data on, you should then be able to send MMS messages. Make sure you are using the correct Cricket LTE Bands otherwise you won’t be able to connect to the Cricket GSM network at all.