How to Cure Bad Cell Phone Reception In Rural Areas

For a lot of people who live in “rural” or remote areas in North America, finding ways to get the best cell phone reception can be a real issue. If you live in one of these underserved areas, as we do, you may be wondering how to boost your cell phone signal strength to improve your cell phone reception in an underserved or remote area. Perhaps you have heard of cell phone boosters, and you may be wondering if cell phone boosters work in your rural area – what kind of reception you will get – will it boost your signal…? Basically, you want to know what you can do, and which is the best cell phone booster to use your particular beautiful but rural slice of heaven.   Please – let me share our cell-phone booster journey with you.

Improving cell phone reception in remote areas

We live on an Island in Washington State. We are near large cities, but since most cell phone service in the U.S. is PCS (line of sight), we just don’t get good coverage. Plus, since we are island, we don’t have enough resident here for any cellular company to warrant investing in cell-towers and infrastructure. This is true with folks who live in rural America as well. You are too far away, too spread out, and you are just not “cost effective”. Our situation would have been fine, and I could always manage to use the phone of internet if I stood in particular spot on my porch.  Of course, if I moved, the call or the connection was dropped. And on windy days with the trees all blowing in different directions, reception was impossible. But my husband is a Data Base Manager with clients all over the U.S. depending on him, and he needed better and more reliable service. So we began investigating cell phone boosters.

living in rural areas with cell phone

Do cell phone boosters work in rural areas

We started with a very good article that explains why we would never get good reception and that cell phone boosters are the best option for improving cell phone reception in remote areas. We asked our neighbors what they were doing to improve their cell phone access, and the answer was: basically nothing. So we did our research and found that cell phone boosters really work in and that they were the best bet for improving cell phone reception in remote areas.

Best cell booster for rural areas

In simple terms, a cell phone signal booster is a 3-part system that pulls in a weak outside signal, amplifies that signal and rebroadcasts that signal throughout your house. We’ve extensively researched the best cell phone signal boosters available. In the end we settle on a couple of Wilson amplifiers because they worked best for a house in the woods, at the end of the road, next to the State Park, on an Island in Washington State. The Wilson system that we use can amplify existing 3G and 4G LTE signals. Best of all, it works both ways, so you can hear people they can hear you, and your texts and internet will actually work.  The system was easy to install (I made my husband to it) and it covers our entire house. No more standing out in the wind and rain to call my family. You can take a look here for the best 4g LTE signal booster.

Boosting cell signal strenght in rural areas

I can’t even begin to tell you how much this has improved our lives. Not only can my husband now do his work without the specter of dropped calls, but I can use the phone and the internet just like the rest of the world. We don’t have to worry about the signal being blocked by 50 foot trees and our hilly terrain, and, unless the electricity goes out (which happens a lot when you live on a very densely forested Island) our cell phone and internet is never interrupted. And the good news is that cell phone booster systems work in places where there aren’t any trees, so people on farms, surrounded by miles of empty plains can have cell phone and internet service as well.

I hope this helps give folks a little hope that their phone and internet reception can be improved.  If you live in a rural or remote area, the big cellular companies are not going to come and help. But for a small, one time investment, your life and your cell phone reception can be greatly improved.


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