Is Cricket Wireless GSM or CDMA

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When choosing a new carrier, it is important to understand what exactly you are getting yourself into. A lot of people turn to Cricket Wireless as their cell phone service provider because they have great deals on service plans. But is Cricket a GSM carrier or CDMA carrier? Depending on if Cricket Wireless GSM or CMDA functionality is available, it might make a huge difference in deciding whether or not to use Cricket Wireless as your service provider.

Before you can find out the Cricket GSM or CDMA operability, you have to know the difference between GSM and CDMA.

What Is GSM and CDMA?

In the United States, there are two primary types of carriers that are available for consumers to use: GSM and CDMA. Basically, a GSM or a CDMA network is the reason that you can’t crossover certain devices to other carriers.


How Does CDMA Works

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GSM stands for “Global System for Mobiles,” while CDMA stands for “Code Division Multiple Access.” These two shorthand devices represent the two radio systems that cell phones use. GSM carriers are, you guessed it, more global. CDMA is owned specifically by the company Qualcomm, and it is more controlled than GSM carriers.


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Phones on a GSM network have a lot more leeway than phones on a CDMA network. They can be interchanged and swapped out more easily. GSM phones are required to have removable SIM cards—it’s part of what makes them a member of a GSM network. In contrast, CDMA phones are not required to have removable SIM cards.

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Which Is Better?

There are benefits to both GSM and CDMA carriers, but GSM has a more universal appeal and stricter standards. One thing that is a large benefit for GSM users is that it is easier to carry one phone over to a different GSM network. This is because as a rule, in order to be considered a GSM network, a carrier has to provide phones that are transferable to other GSM networks. GSM networks also have the ability to talk and transfer data at the same time, while most CDMA networks do not.

So Which Is Cricket?


Now you know the difference between GSM and CDMA. So, is Cricket Wireless GSM or CDMA? Cricket is a GSM carrier, but it wasn’t always one. Before a merger with major cell company AT&T in 2015, the carrier provided CDMA service.

As GSM carriers Cricket has a lot of advantages for those who choose to purchase a plan with the network. Cricket LTE speed is fast because it is a subsidiary of one of the largest GSM networks in the country: AT&T. Cricket LTE bands are at the same frequency of all of the largest providers in the nation thanks to their merger with AT&T. Please note that you also need to update the Cricket APN Settings. listed a dummy proof guide.


Since merging with AT&T, Cricket Wireless has become a GSM network, and amassed a lot of benefits from this. Their phones are more universal and their service coverage is as well.

With the abundance of cell service options available, it is important to understand the fundamental differences between factors such as GSM and CDMA



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